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65 Years old
Apple Valley
0.00 miles away.
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Welcome to my profile!

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From Amazon

Wuthering Heights


The Sensual World

Sat in Your Lap

Hounds of Love

England My Lionheart


Vist Myspace web site Click Here

Today Tomorrow Timaru
I'm from Timaru

Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon Video


Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

David Bowie's "Space Oddity"

Enrico Pace plays Liszt - Totentanz

Vladimir Vasiliev dances Lieutenant Kije


That's me John Nijssen the Stroker Engine guy. I build Kick Ass American V8 Engines for Hot Street Machines and Race Cars.
If you want to contact me, Pick Up the phone 760-247-0690 Monday to Staurday 9.00am to 8.00pm CALIFONIA TIME.

I grew up in New Zealand, hanging around hot rods and drag racing.

I built an Altered when I was 18 and loved doing "Fire Burnouts"

I always knew I would go live in America, especially after watching Armstrong walk on the moon.
I wanted to be where it was going on.

Like most kids I thought my life would go my way, but found you have to make it happen.
When I arrived in California at the age of 20, I went out to the drag strip asking for a job on a top fuel dragster or funny car.

While I did find a job it only lasted a couple of months, before we blew up all the engines and the owner gave up.
After trying to get another job I ran out of money and had to get a regular job.
Next thing I knew 20 years had slipped by and my life had not been spent on the drag strip.

I got married, very happily I might add, to Tammy

We worked for other people for many years until we decide to step out on our own.
Tammy started a piano teaching business.

I started my own business building tire smoking engines.
I only build American V8 engines as that's my thing. Many of the engines I build are supercharged. Most are for the street, a few for racing, and many are shipped overseas.


Click to go to my Drag Racing page

Return to the MOON

Slamin Sam Miller 1/4 mile record 3.58 seconds 386 mph

Click to Buy This Cutting Edge Book on String Theory



Yeshuah Mashiach
Eashoa' M'sheekha
Jesus Christ

Intelligent Design Requires an Intelligent Designer.
Random Processes and Evolution Requires Far More Time than 13.7 +/- 0.2(universe age) and 4.5 Billion(earth age) earth years.
Life first appeared on Earth approx. 700 millions years after the foundation of the Earth, even less when you consider the Earth had to reform after the collision with Ophias and the consolidation of the moon.

The point is that there was absolutely no time for life to form and then evolve without ";supernatural"; (power outside of space{dark energy, dark matter, quantum matter} and time) influance.
The early conditions on the earth could not even produce a ";primordial soup";.

Many believers of the ";God constructed universe"; model insist that the Universe and Earth were completed between 6000 and 10,000 years ago and took six twentyfour hour earth days to build.

This senario is without any evidance and relies on a misapplication of Hebrew word ";Yom"; which actually has three main meanings; daylight portion of a solar day (i.e., sunrise to sunset), a 24-hour solar day, or a long period of time.
In selection which english word translation to use, it makes more sense to use the diion which best fits the evidance. Scientific measurements reveal it took billions of years. There is no evidance that the speed of light has slowed down sence the ";big bang";.

Naturalists still hold to the idea that random events and evolution lead to what we see on earth today.

This senario is without conclusive evidance and relies on a misunderstanding early scientific research and expectations.

Both groups ignore evidence that conflicts with their personal establish believes.
What is true, is only important if you care. Your personal understanding won't change the reality outside of yourself and your influance of other peoples minds.
Given that scientific discovery provides overwhelm evidence for design and creation, and reduces the possibility that it happened without control, the burden of proof to support the non existence of God has shifted from the believer to the non believer.

In other words the only reason to not believe that the God of the bible, who is Jesus Christ/Father/Holy Sprit {I won't try to explain that, although it can be done to a satisfactory fashion, just consider the dual nature of light as being both particle and wave} created the universe is to ignore the validity of both the bible and the record of natural.
The claims made in the bible regarding the creation, it's historical accuracy and future event prediction fulfillment accuracy, lend strong support to this belief.
There is no other name claiming to have made the universe providing and any proof of validity that is supportable.
The idea that ";space aliens"; did it, is like saying the motor built the car.

If the God creation believer is wrong, nothing of any importance is lost in their lives.
If the naturalist believer is wrong, they risk loss of the opportunity to live beyond to life of the universe.

I'm not an evangelicalist. While it is true I should care more about ";saving"; people, to be honest I don't.
I really don't feel it is something that I can achieve. If you ask me for help in some area, I like to do what I can.
I help people by providing the most effective hot rod engines I know how to build.
I provide free advise on issues I have some experience with. I look for solutions.
I try to help in many other ways as well, but ";getting you saved";, not something I have ever achieved. All I can do is share my opinion, for what it is worth.
I figure if God wants you to live forever, He'll need to get your attention.

I wrote this because I enjoy sharing information and ideas, I even enjoy a productive argument of ideas, but you believe what ever you like.
Just don't expect me to believe anything unless it makes sense, and has some level of proof.
I think string theory is probably close to the truth, but there is, as of yet, no solid proof. Perhaps the Large Hedron Collider will find more evidance.
As for M theory, God may have cause the big bang by rubbing ";branes"; together and there might possibly be multi-verses, but personally I think it most unlikely, given the purpose and destiny of this universe.

Following is a long long list of conditions necessary for life on earth.
I don't expect you to study it, but if you are interested, here is the source web page I copied...

The laws probability limit life to only Earth, even then, life could not have gotten here without supernatural intervention.
Life requires a planet just like the Earth.
The chances of there being another ";M Class"; planet are zero point zero zero...

Parameters which must exist to support life on a planet 322

Probability for occurrence of all 322 parameters 10-304

Maximum possible number of life support planets in universe; 1022

Meaning there is less than 1 chance in 10282 or one in a million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion
that even one such life-support planet would occur anywhere in the universe naturally.
Two? Well double that tiny number. In other words there are even that many stars, therefore zero is pretty close.

Given that about 10% of UFO stories are unexplainable, and that the events did occur
the explanation can not related to the physical universe.
There is no possibility of other life planets and the distances involved are uncrossable given the laws of physics.
While I thoroughly enjoy science fiction, I require science fact to actually believe in hyperspace or wrapping space/time.

Being realistic, the energy requirement to warp space is in the order of magnitude of a black hole.
We don't even have enough control of nuclear energy to produce fusion, and we will need to find where those gravitons are hiding before we can hope hand energy levels of the amounts that we would need to travel faster than light.

Being that we can not control such energy levels without destroying ourselves, either by accident or misuse, based on our track record, requires greater blind faith, than believing the bible might be true.
But you are free to believe whatever you like, even that God is deceiving us by making time and all the laws of physics to apper a certain way, but in fact changed it all some time on the seventh day.
Therefore if these reported aliens do exist, they must not be physical beings.

Here is the begining of the list of 322 requirement to make a earth Planet. The point is that it is so finely tuned as to require design and manufacture, not a mindless uncontrolled explosion.

Over 3000 Innocents Were Murdered By a Hostile Enemy

Don't talk about politics religion or money.
It has been my experience you seldom get a balance presentation on any view, whether it be religious doctrine, politics, news or even facts of science. Whatever the subject, the presenters tend to only show information that supports their view.
Look at the debate over global warming, there is no doubt we are emitting a lot of CO2, and personally I plan to help hot rodders emit even more by building very fast gas guzzling engines, but to counter I'm also building compressed natural gas engines as well, but regardless, the debate about global warming is just talk, one side saying we are destroying the world, the other side says it's just liberal politics using fear as a tool to try and get the other party back in power. Either way nothing is going to be changed by the people doing all the talk. People will continue to drive cars, factories will continue to make smoke, and the third world will increase their output with far less concern about pollution than the US displays.
Politicians don't really care, and big business certainly doesn't.
You seldom even hear about oceanic pollution, which is abundant and shameful. Then they expect us to eat fish.
The mostly likely catalyst for change, reduction of CO2 will be the increasing price of gasoline, fuel increasing research for alternative fuels, however the earth is heating up as part of a natural cycle, just before it drops into the next ice age, we can't prevent it.

I believe there is a God who created time and space and that He purposes a conflict between good and evil here on earth and that there are forces at work to do harm to all humans.
Who is to blame for 911 is less the issue than will Americans really stand up for themselves again, like they did in WWII or will external and internal influences allow us to lose the next big one due to inaction.
There is no doubt that they, radicals around the world do hate the west, the US in particular and intend some harm to us and rejoiced at our pain on that day. Will we allow them to continue their attacks on the Western World?
Sadly there are also Americans who behave as though they hate America, they are usually found to hate Israel as well, and eventually God as well.
I don't understand how any American can say and do things that side with our enemies rather than siding with American interests. Whether you are left or right in politics, whether you think GWB when to war without just cause or not, the fact is we are confronting and self declared enemy of freedom.
If we back away from this conflict the Islamic aggressor will push forward at us.
If you don't believe in God, let me ask, would you rather put up with Christians trying to convince you to ";get saved"; or a Muslim wanting you to get down on you knees facing Mecca, and believing if you die killing unbelievers that you can have sex with under aged girls in heaven?
Science challenges the bibles interpretation of creation, but doesn't even consider challenging the Islamic beliefs as being credible.
Personally I think God created the universe 15 billion years ago, that the earth is 4.5 billion years old, and that if it where not for his personal intervention, that would be no life on earth, and that this is more provable by scientific discovery, than any other theory put forward without a creator, and that the probability of live on even one other planet is obsolete zero.

To see where I get scientific information promoting the idea that science reveals how God made time and space click on the following image. - See why an increasing number of science professionals are more convinced that the universe was designed and made rather than just fell together

I came to the US from a beautiful and free country, New Zealand, because I choose to love the USA first, as such I am fiercely protective of her in my rhetoric, and believe we need to put the interests of the US before any other country. If the US looses it's way, then freedom will fall for the whole world.
If you call yourself free and live in the US and can not speak in support of the USA, either do not speak in support of our enemies, or go live in their country and speak out us, otherwise you are either a spy or traitor.

Every US solider, airman or sailor swears an oath to protect and severe the United States of America, and most prey to God for help, these men and women are the finest among us, putting you and me, who are the country first, before their own interest, as such the rest of us do not have any right to speak a word against them (unless they break their oath).
They will serve under Republicans and Democrats alike. They protect us. If you speak out against the government, do so with the intent of wanting to make it better, not just to see it destroyed and replaced by people who don't share the average American's ideals.

Here are links to websites I found while researching End Times stuff.
If you get all bent out of shape about this subject, don't visit these sites.
I have noticed that of all the predictions made about the future in modern times, none of them have been correct so far, or of any value.

This guy is total BS, the Messiah, or the Antichrist. I'm going to go with BS
Maitreya -Christ, Messiah, the fifth Buddha, Krishna, Imam Mahdi

Maitreya or Antichrist? An Opinion web site

I also found this guy. I hope he is a kook and wrong. He probably does to. He has bad news for America first followed by the rest of the world. He also identified the guy in the link above as being someone to watch out for. Catholic Priest and seer of visions

I don't know the future. I doubt that anyone does, but plenty claim they have seen it. Here is another outrageous claim, I only present it because I read it. Prince William

It is my personal expectation that if and when bible prophetic predictions come to pass, very few people including very many Christians will recognize them. I think it likely that all the predictions and senarios made by so many for so long will have cause people to expect a reality other than what they are witnessing.
Of what do I know? Squart!

Skull and Bones History


Skull and bones, and their new world order plans.

Is this why JFK was killed to stop this kind of talk?
Can you image a current American president saying such things, repubicain or democat?
Georgia "Rosicrucian" Guidestones

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I wake to the sound of engines. . .

Date 12/04/07 06:15

Hi John! Thanks for finding me. I'm still finding my way around Katespace. You've got a very cool, interesting page. And excellent taste in music, even beyond KB. Take care, man!



forgive the typos

Date 11/22/07 06:11

Happy Holiday Today Thankful for the ability to relate with you*



last comment cut this off

Date 11/20/07 04:10

what the heck was I saying? I was a soldier when I was younger now I just try to cope with being a single father who is raising his son without a partner, like the characters in the movies, who are holed up living on a pension, and this is not the way I ever dreeamt it would be for me "when I grew up". I am a musician and I am getting too old too for just thinking, waiting and watching. I am feeling somewhat urgent and I don't give a damn for anybody to steal or mailign my reputation




Date 11/20/07 03:11

I want to say that you seem to be "into it" here at katespace. I hope you and yours are wel and I can understand some of the stuff you are trying to present. I hope for a positive enough near future for all as well in spite of the natural course of events over time squared. I really hope you would find something good for yourself today* I think we should be more talkative because there is a need to express so much concept. peace through conflict/I was a soldier when I was younger/now I




Date 10/12/07 01:08


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